Curro Waterfall

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Curro Waterfall is an English medium independent school based on Christian Principles. We offer our parents state of the art facilities in a safe environment and focus on developing all round balanced individuals.

Our learners are exposed to a quality learning programme in the fields of academics, sport and culture within which they can grow and develop their own, individual abilities.

Quick facts:
Girls and boys from Grade R to Grade 7
Aftercare is available
A maximum of 25 learners per class

School facilities:
Indoor multipurpose sports auditorium
Dedicated Music School
Turf cricket wicket
International size sports field
Four dedicated tennis courts
2 multipurpose courts
Indoor, heated “learn-to-swim” pool

Recognising that academics is the core function in the primary school, Curro Waterfall offer an intensive academic programme that goes beyond the basic requirements and provides an enriched curriculum in all subjects. Curro Waterfall offer an advanced Mathematics, science, technology and language programme, giving our students that extra advantage over others. Robotics and entrepreneurship also feature strongly in school life.

Sport and cultural activities are viewed as key to developing all round balanced individuals. For this reason, Curro Waterfall provides an extensive extra-curricular programme.

The school uniform at all Curro schools is governed by a basic dress code, with each school making slight adjustments. Learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12 wear a formal school uniform.

Depending on your circumstances, it is recommended that you purchase at least two sets of uniform per learner.

Sports clothes

It is recommended that you purchase only one pair of blue shorts and a sports shirt until the learner decides what sport to play. For sports specific uniform requirements visit MyHub.

Additional Information

Where and how to purchase the Curro school uniform and Curro sports clothes

All school uniforms and sports clothes, except shoes, are available through MyHub.

At Curro Waterfall once you have received your FAMILY CODE from Curro, you will be able to register on MyHub using the login details as supplied by Curro.
Once you have completed the registration process, please wait  for an email with your username and password.
Sign into MyHub using your username and password that you have just received.
Select SHOP and proceed to the online store.
Add the required items to your cart, check out and pay.
Expect delivery of your order at your nominated address within four working days. Deliveries are done from Mondays to Fridays, between 08:00 and 17:00.
Kindly note: You will only need to register once on MyHub.