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Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapist is a practice located in Pretoria East with a unique touch. 6 Physiotherapist, each Physio with their own special interest in the field of Physiotherapy. Orthopeadics & Sports Physio.

Our team at Cilliers & Swart Physio are highly experienced at dealing with any type of pain, ache, niggle, stiffness, or weakness by following a clinical reasoning to establish that structure in your body might be causing the pain, then we stress and test these muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints or nerves to get a clear picture of the problem. This is where we explain to you our findings and explain your problem.

Learn about Cilliers & Swart Physio team:

After we have determined the problem, we will guide you through a process to restore your body’s tissue to normal whether it be injury treatment, exercises, modifying your activity, there are endless options how to treat a problem, but we use the newest machines, techniques and research studies to give you the best possible treatment for your specific problem.

Cilliers and Swart Physio team of highly experienced Specialist Sports and Musculo-Skeletal (MSK) Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience treating sports injuries whether it be a torn muscle, sprained ligament, slipped disc, fractured bone, we know how to help the healing and get you back to do the crazy things you do.

Two male Physiotherapists, four female Physiotherapists that are experts dedicated to provide fast and effective treatment to minimize and manage pain. We use evidence based treatments to ensure that new technology and developments in the field of physiotherapy work for you.

Physiotherapist use their hands, machines, movements, and many other types of treatment to repair soft tissue. The physiotherapist will give you instructions to follow and warn you of dangers that might have caused the problem. It is very important that you understand what is going on in your own body. We are here to guide you through the process of healing. Our patients are like family to us, be part of it.

They poses exceptional knowledge regarding muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerve pain. Cilliers & Swart Physios are the best physiotherapist in Pretoria.

Visit their website at or give us a call to talk to a Physiotherapist. Call: 0121119040

Our Physiotherapist treatment

If you want to know how our Physiotherapist approach our treatment and investigation, why not read what we have to say about certain conditions & injuries that we treat. Click on the area where you are feeling the pain.


Q How much does Physiotherapist Consult Cost?

Depending on how you choose to pay for the consultation. Cash or Medical Aid?
Our cash price for treatment is R700, R700 for follow up treatments. We accept all medical aids. No Co-payment will have to be made if there are funds available.

Q How Cilliers & Swart Physio's Price compare to other practices?

We charge medical aid rates, and we deliver much more treatment that you would pay for an hour’s treatment.

A common trend in our industry: Patients are followed up with half hour sessions, at a higher price.
Make sure of all of the variables when comparing prices.

Q Which medical aids does Cilliers & Swart Phyio support?

We charge medical aid rates, this makes it possible for us to claim from ANY medical aid. Just make sure you have funds in your savings or day-to-day account.

Q Will my Medical aid cover the Physiotherapist sessions?

Yes, We charge medical aid rates. No co-payment will be necessary. Make sure from your medical aid plan and option how they have structured your specific plan and how much funds are allocated for Physio treatment.

So, Please check with your medical aid provider the amount of funds available and annual maximums to determine if there are benefits available.
If there are benefits available, the treatment will be covered in Full.

Q What if I dont have a Medical Aid to ay for Physio? What now?

You can pay cash or card right after the treatment. In the medical field we refer to these patients as ‘private’ patients. Advantage to these patients are payment is at a set rate of R700. Nothing more. The complete package - each session will be charged only R700.

Q Does Physiotherapist accept Cards?

Yes, we do have card facilities. Easy & Effortless

Q Does Physiotherapists accept Cash?

Yes, for Sure. You can pay cash right after the treatment.

Q Can I Claim my Physio treatment back from my Medical aid if I pay cash?

Yes, the practice will e-mail a statement. The statement will include all the details necessary to claim from your specific medical aid. Then the medical aid will reimburse you, the amount you spent on Physiotherapists sessions.

Q Do you need a Doctors' referral to see a Physiotherapist?

No, Physiotherapists are first line practitioners, meaning no referral letter is necessary.
If you are uncertain whether or not to consult a physiotherapist, give us a call and we will direct you to the appropriate field in medicine.

Q How fast can I make an appointment at the Physiotherapist?

Give us a call right now on 012 111 9040 and lets find out...
We try to help everyone within 24 hours.

Q What's our business hours?

Monday – Friday: 07:00 till 19:00. visit our contact page for more details

Q How long does a Physio session take?

We schedule 1 hour appointments. We follow up 2–3 days after the fist appointment and are also scheduled for 1 hour .

Q Why one hour appointments?

We schedule 1 hour appointments to provide the therapist enough time to do all the necessary screening, testing, measuring and treatment. This is very important, we don’t want to rush you in and out of our practice. We want to sort out the problem. Physiotherapist at Cilliers & Swart wants to give you the time and attention you deserve.

Q How soon after a injury or operation can I start Physiotherapy?

As soon as possible, numerous scientific papers has stressed the importance of early intervention to prevent complications, promote recovery and prevent re-occurrence. The faster, the shorter the recovery.

Q Do we do Home visitis?


Please Note: The are some problems that may arise form a home based treatment such as limited space, ineffective working table or bed, limited equipment and much more. We encourage patient that are able to move, rather to come to the practice for treatment.

Q What info does the Physiotherapist need to submit a Medical Aid claim?

Please have all the necessary information and documentation to ensure payment.
ID number of the Main Member and the patient(injured person)
Medical Aid Card or Membership number
Medical Aid Name: (e.g. Discovery, Medihelp, Bonitas, Liberty, Momentum)
Medical Aid Option/Plan: (Discovery: Keycare Plus, Essential Saver, Essential Core, Medihelp: Dimension 1, Necesse, Bonitas: BonClassic, BonSave, Momentum: Costom, Extender,)
Dependent number: This number is allocated to each person in the family

Q If I have scans (X-ray, MRI, CT-scans), should I bring it along to my Physiotherapy session?

Yes, if you have any old X-rays, Sonar, MRI, CT-scan. All scans and reports could be helpful if you have any. Even if its more than 5 years old.
Two images taken at two separate points in time, are even more valuable, so we can identify what the change is.

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