Apollo Solar Technology


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Apollo solar geysers are great for saving on electricity and energy usage in South Africa. With our premium built Apollo high-pressure and Apollo low-pressure solar geysers, you can be sure to receive a well working and high-quality solar geyser system for all your hot water needs. A solar geyser converts solar energy into usable energy you can use to generate hot water. With the increased electricity prices in South Africa, an electrical geyser consumes a great amount of your electricity usage per month. This can increase your total cost of electrical billings at the end of the month. By using a solar geyser, you eliminate the use of electricity and make use of the free energy the sun provides, Therefore you will save on energy and billing costs. We provide a variety of Apollo solar geysers depending on your needs. Also, a solar geyser conversion can also be provided which uses solar panels connected to your existing electrical geyser. A solar geyser conversion uses your electrical geyser as a storage tank while the solar panels generate the heat to provide you with enough hot water for your family.