Eco Friendly Pest, Bird and Rodent Control

Eco Slayer Cape Town offers our clients premium and affordable Eco Friendly Pest Control, Bird Control, Bird Proofing and Rodent Control Solutions for Home and all Business industries including Vehicle and Marine

Pest Control Pros

Pest Control Pros was established for the sole purpose of providing reliable and affordable pest control services to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets with quality service, safety and customer satisfaction in mind. With the recent awareness of public safety and hygiene, professional pest control companies have become an integral part of society. Unlike some pest control companies, we are licensed and equipped to offer a full range of pest control services. This can be anything from typical rodentcockroach or termite control to specialized HACCP setups, including monitoring and control.

We as the Pest Control Pros service the whole of Gauteng. We are very aware of local pest control trends and experience allows us to provide professional preventative measures where possible. Where infestations are already prevalent, we provide integrated solutions ensuring the least toxic and intrusive control methods are used. Our pest control specialists ensure the most humane methods are used and protected species are relocated rather than exterminated. All pesticides used are SABS approved and purchased through reputable pest control companies.

Like all well-established pest control companies, we are registered with the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA). Our operators are fully licensed and have received the highest levels of training by the Pest Management Academy. Furthermore, full supervision is provided on-site to ensure every effort is made to satisfy our clients pest control needs.

We understand that our pest control services are not just a once off sale. A lot of our business is through referrals by clients. Happy customers will continue to use and recommend pest control companies which they are satisfied with. For this reason, we strive to provide the highest levels of customer service with every job.